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New Reel Vertical Carbon Edition

  • Main axle made of high quality low friction Acetal Plastic.
  • 3 mm thickness reel disks made from 100% carbon.
  • Inox type 316L marine framework.
  • Free-spool operation
  • Auto release fully adjustable brake mechanism.
  • New Ergonomic design.
  • Minimum effect on buoyancy and agility.
  • Small (up to 35 m 1.5 mm dyneema) 
  • Medium (up to 40 m 1.8 mm dyneema) 
  • Large (up to 60 m 2 mm dyneema)


Small - MVD10103.CE

Medium - MVD10107.CE

Large - MVD10111.CE


When mounted, the Reel Crank should be on the left side of the speargun

Reel Vertical Carbon Edition

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