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Camera Mounting kit NOT included

Specs that make a difference!

  • Competitive price
  • Excellent production quality standards
  • High Precision, low friction shaft guide from CNC machining with special resin coating
  • Smallest track guide offset in the market
  • Balanced buoyancy for efficient use
  • Top quality materials used for parts and accessories
  • Extra 5cm of loading length compared to other spearguns in the market
  • Stationary rubber loading hook for easy loading/undloading
  • Available in two options: Invert Roller (RTU*)  and Open Head (RTU*)
  • Laser welding procedure
  • New MVD Shaft made from Stainless Steel 17-7 HRC 47

(*) RTU:Ready To Use


ZESO Carbon

  • Carbon 55/75cm- New Soft Arrow XS (extra small - black)

    Carbon 82/90cm - Vertical New Soft Arrow Black (small)

    Carbon 100cm - Vertical New Soft Arrow Black (medium)

  • Open 55cm - 1x45cm - 17,5mm thickness
    Open 75cm - 1x60cm - 17,5mm thickness
    Open 82cm - 1x64cm - 17,5mm thickness
    Open 90cm - 1x67cm - 17,5mm thickness
    Open 100cm - 2x70cm - 16mm thickness

    Invert 55cm - 6x14cm - 16mm thickness
    Invert 75cm - 6x20cm - 16mm thickness
    Invert 82cm - 6x24cm - 16mm thickness
    Invert 90cm - 6x27cm - 16mm thickness
    Invert 100cm - 6x31cm - 16mm thickness

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